Nicaragua, even time goes slowely

Okay, this time i decided to write my blog in English, for the first time I write a blog in English at all. The tought behind this, is that the people I met here in Nicaragua are speek and understand far worse Dutch than I am at writing in English (believe me it is possible). A disadvantage is that 50% of my parents Will not understand a word of it, but I am sure my dad will translate it.

In this part of the world it is still the 2nd of december and that means that I have been here for just 3 days, out of 24 in total (not counting 2 days traveling). Everything seems to go so slowely over here, even the time and that is wonderfull when you are on hollidays.

I am in Nicaragua for holliday and for visiting a good friend from my hometown, let’s call him John (because that is his name and thus would make sense) he is A.K.A. The Dutch Smiling Yogi. The plan is that we travel together, he lives here for 6 weeks already, but he worked a lot as vollunteer and studied Spanish. So this is also John’s holiday. He learned and experienced a lot about Nicaragua and he speaks and understand Spanish. So he is the perfect guide for me. Thanks John.

We started in Leon, Leon is one of the two rival main cities, together with Granada. The logical compromise between them is Managua. Manuaga is the capital city of Nicaragua and this is also the city where you arrive by plane. So did we, by coincedence there was a lady from London who had to be in the same hostel in Leon… The turtle lodge. This was perfect because we shared the costs for the taxi. As John had seen Leon before, N. (The lady I told you about in the previous sentence) and I, explored the city with the lonely planet in our hands. There was a tour in it described with 26 highlights. I believe 20 of them where churches and the cathedral, but we went of the track and discovered that Leon is more interesting than the 26 blue circles on the map in that famous blue book. If you have plans to visit Nicaragua, you should go to Leon and see:

  • The rooftop of the main cathedral for a priceless view and that for just $3.
  • Botanic garden, they even have a dear, wow (sarcasm mode off), costs $1.
  • Art museum, free entrance
  • Juice store on the central park (with your back to the cathedral first corner of the 2nd block on your right hand). Fresh, large and less than $2
  • Wall paintings on several places in the city, mostly on walls (free)
    Fresh fruits everywhere

Since yesterday we are staying at another recidence of the turtle company. It is called the surfturtle. It is absolutely gorgous, directly lying on the beach on an island in a reservate. Everything is perfect here. Imaging yourself writing a blog on a tablet, sitting in the sand, a few meters from the shore with clear sky, filled with bright stars because there is no environment light. That is exactly what I am doing right now and probably what I will be doing when I write a blog about this place we call . B.T.W. I have seen surfers and we saw a turtle lying here eggs almost on our feed but I am looping forward to see a surfing turtle.