Volcano hiking, boarding and seeing magma on my 35th birthday

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Last Saturday I became 35. Normally I would have started my birthday the night before my birthday with drinking some beers in a bar in Tilburg (NL). This year was different, I am in Nicaragua and we hiked 2 volcanoes.

The first volcano was not about the hiking it self, the hiking was necessary for the down slide on a multiplex plank with a rope. Here they call it volcano boarding or volcano surfing. The volcano “Cerro Negro”, is the only volcano in the world from where you can “surf”.This because one side of the volcano has a top layer of sand. During the year the villagers of the city Leon have to clean all the roofs because otherwise the roofs will collapse under the weight of black volcano sand. The sand is brought there by the wind of course. View the video below of our hike and boarding on- and off this volcano.

For the second part of the day, still my birthday, John let me chose between having diner in a restaurant with the name “The Carnivore” or to hike another volcano where we could see real magma. Duh, since I really love animals, alive or on my dish, the carnivore would sound like an obvious choice. But… when do I have the chance to see real magma in the near future? Thought so, thus we hiked another volcano (Telica volcano). It was word the hike, we saw a beautiful sunset through the sulfur damps of the volcano, smelled the sulfur coming out of the crater. Especially the view of the magma and the everything destroying sound of the inner volcano are things to remember for the rest of my life. Maybe an ‘tremendous stake of 1 pound would have had the same effect. Since John is into making video’s…

During this last hike, John is foot got more swollen from his little accident he had 2 weeks ago with slag-lining. So he planned a day of rest at the surf turtle hostel in Leon we stayed for the second time. We met a girl (L) from California on this last volcano hike who had plans to go to the north to Esteli and do one or two tours from there. Since I had seen almost everything of Leon together with N. I was in for a one, two or three daytrip with L. so John could recover from his injury. There is so much to tell about this sunday that I will keep this for my next blogpost.

For this part we are still on our original schedule. We made it to Granada and we stayed in the bearded monkey hostel as planned because they have a free transfer to the tree hostel. During the night I got ill and the hostel was that worse as described on tripadvisor that we decided to go to the oasis hostel, recommended by L.. We will probably not make it to the tree hostel anymore at all and we are doubting about the rest of the schedule as well. The mission we have is to see as many wildlife as possible. You will read it here when we have made up our new schedule.

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